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AGM season 2023 restart

February 15, 2023

Preparations for the AGM season 2023 are already in full swing. After two years of mostly no physical AGMs, this means a fresh start with the physical AGM for most. Or are some already going the way of the virtual AGM? Let's be surprised!

The challenges of starting again with the physical General Assembly after a two-year break are great for everyone involved. A lot of things that used to be done almost off the cuff as a matter of course have to be meticulously planned, monitored and carried out again, in some cases with new staff. Nothing is left to chance. The two-year break or not. Of course, this cannot be used as an excuse for poor performance. 

We were looking forward to this moment, but we are also aware that this year we will be in the spotlight especially. Because even after such an enforced break, only one thing is expected of us: The planning and execution of the flawless General Assembly. This from the invitation, the return processing, to the on-site voting and presentation of results. Simply everything has to be handled perfectly again. In line with our slogan "Excellence in Shareholder Services".

And then there are the virtual general meetings this year, which are being held for the first time for everyone. There is really no shortage of challenges this season.