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Our offer

Our offer includes share register management as well as the preparation and execution of general meetings in various forms of operation. From in-house software development, the operation of systems in redundant data centers in Switzerland, to the integral planning and execution of the general meeting in the desired form with the latest technology and highest security, we offer everything from a single source. In addition, we implement tailor-made solutions and offer individual operating forms of all our services.

Share register

The management of the share register can either be taken over completely by us (business process outsourcing), run on our servers and operated by our clients (application service providing, also known as software as a service) or be managed "in-house" by the clients themselves. As a clearing house partner of SIX SIS Ltd (SIX Group), we ensure that all transactions relevant to the share register are processed in accordance with the SIS share register system. The basis for this is our Data Service, which is connected to the SECOM banking network via a fail-safe connection.

General Assembly

General meeting

We have put together a comprehensive, tried-and-tested and continuously improved service package for the preparation and execution of general meetings. This is based on our certified IT infrastructure, uses individually configurable processes and sophisticated planning and control instruments. For optimal logistical processing, we also have a state-of-the-art in-house operation center.  


By deliberately focusing on the essentials, namely three buttons for casting the vote, an ingeniously simple system was created for shareholders to cast their votes on site, which is simply ingenious. The result: no lengthy explanations, extremely simple operation, guided multiple voting, rapid determination of results, maximum security.


With our e-voting portal, we offer a fully integrated solution for electronic proxy voting. Our IT system architecture, which is consistently designed for security, forms the basis for the introduction of a QR code "scan-and-vote" approach that is very convenient for shareholders. Here, the shareholder can proceed directly to the issuance of the proxy by simply scanning the QR code on his invitation.

Digital General Assembly

Digital GM

With the trend to avoid mass meetings and the introduction of the new company law as of 2023, the journey is inexorably heading towards the digital general meeting. That is why we already offer our clients solutions for electronic admission tickets, meetings with multiple meeting locations, secure online voting counters, electronic invitations in the future, all the way to live participation in the general meeting with secure voting.

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