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Master of all general assemblies: Louis Kirchner celebrates his 20th anniversary

May 5, 2023

Louis Kirchner has had a truly masterful career over the past 20 years.

It all started with the software development of a first version for the preparation and execution of general meetings. Then the spark jumped over. After overwhelmingly positive feedback on the first version of the "GVMANAGER", we took the next big step together in 2005. The "GVMANAGER 2005" should transfer everything we had learned from the first "GVMANAGER" into a new, much better and more efficient version. The idea of a seamless overall solution, without differentiation into a preparation and an execution phase, was the main driver of the then new development. And this idea was spot on.

What happened next was the beginning of a success story that Louis Kirchner, with a great deal of commitment, passion and heart and soul, played a major role in making possible, and which continues to this day. The cumulative experience of countless, in part truly unforgettable general meetings, without being able to enumerate them here, is an indescribable value that cannot be valued highly enough.

To pass on this knowledge in the development of our new "GVMANAGER" platform is one of the biggest challenges but also one of the most beautiful things in a career. Appreciation, satisfaction and of course pride are the appropriate words to describe the really great things Louis Kirchner has achieved at DEVIGUS. But this is only possible to a certain extent. Because there is more. Still this enthusiasm and his sparkle in the eyes to give his best at every General Assembly and to spur the team on to never let up even in the high of the General Assembly season.

Together with Louis Kirchner, there are more, no less exciting years of enthusiasm ahead. As then, with the "GVMANAGER 2005" now again with the "GVMANAGER-Live" with all the new possibilities of virtual participation in the general meeting of the future. Retirement looks different. But Louis Kirchner still has some time left. All the best for this really great anniversary and here's to many, equally successful years of our great and extremely successful cooperation with fun and your sparkle in your eyes.