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Successful 2024 AGM season

The 2024 Annual General Meeting season impressed with 33 meetings, including 3 virtual ones, and a huge turnout of 1.4 million invited shareholders. With 7,700 mail notifications, 123,000 processed registration forms and 75,000 e-voting users, this season set new standards. 200,000 proxies issued and 34,000 admission tickets ordered testify to the high level of participation. A total of 22,000 shareholders were present in person. These figures illustrate the strong commitment and advanced communication methods that will shape the Annual General Meetings of the future.

Review of the 2024 AGM season

The 2024 AGM season has reached numerous milestones and reflects the steady progress and increasing involvement of shareholders. Here are the key facts and highlights that shaped the past year.

Diverse meeting formats

A total of 33 Annual General Meetings were held, 3 of which were virtual. These new formats show how flexible and adaptable companies and shareholders have become in order to meet current needs. Virtual participation enables shareholders to attend and participate from anywhere.

Impressive participation

An impressive 1.4 million shareholders were invited to the meetings. This demonstrates not only the size and commitment of the shareholder base, but also their interest in the companies in which they have invested. The increasing participation and commitment of shareholders are crucial for the further development and success of the companies.

Efficient communication and administration

In order to reach shareholders effectively, 7,700 mail notifications were sent out. Digital communication played an important role in ensuring that all shareholders were informed comprehensively and in good time.

Processed registration forms and e-voting

With 123,000 registration forms processed, the organizational effort and efficiency required behind the scenes to ensure smooth shareholder participation is evident. The number of e-voting users on our GVMANAGER-Live platform reached an impressive 75,000, indicating the increasing acceptance and use of digital voting methods. This not only facilitates participation, but also contributes to a faster and more accurate vote count.

Authorizations granted and access cards ordered

Another highlight is the number of proxies granted, around 200,000, which shows the trust shareholders place in their representatives and the importance they attach to their votes. In addition, 34,000 admission tickets were ordered, underlining the physical presence and interest in the Annual General Meetings.

Shareholders present

Attendance at the meetings was also impressive: 22,000 shareholders were present in person. This figure illustrates the commitment and willingness of shareholders to actively participate in the decision-making processes of their companies.


The 2024 AGM season was an outstanding year, characterized by high participation, advanced communication methods and strong shareholder engagement. The mix of virtual and physical meetings, the efficient processing of registrations and proxies and the widespread use of e-voting show how general meetings are evolving to meet modern requirements.

These positive developments promise an even stronger and more dynamic interaction between companies and shareholders in the coming years. We look forward to the next AGM season and are excited to see what further progress and innovations it will bring.