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Shareholder democracy must no longer suffer

14 July 2021

AGM experts are rightly increasingly criticising the fact that shareholder democracy has suffered too much due to the pandemic. At the AGMs for the pandemic year 2020, there were mostly only limited opportunities for shareholders to ask questions. According to the Federal Council's Covid regulation for the AGM season 2021, the AGMs could also be held as interactive video conferences. Our client, the building materials manufacturer Sika, was one of only two companies to choose this option. At this year's general meeting, shareholders were able to authenticate themselves for the first time via our online voting counter and communicate live with the board of directors at the general meeting.

In the Video from minute 32' and 42' you can see how the requests to speak were made across countries and without delay. An important step towards preserving shareholder democracy after two years of pandemic-related cuts.

If you would also like to support more shareholder democracy and learn more about our online voting desk, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.