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Successful start into the GM season 2021

Successful start into the GM season 2021

The AGM season 2021 has started as the last season ended: without physical participation of the shareholders. The first AGM, the start of the 2021 AGM season, went smoothly and was a complete success for everyone involved.

In order to enable shareholders to participate, they were able to submit their views in writing via a website prior to the Annual General Meeting. Other customers are following this approach and, in addition to written questions, are also offering an online voting desk with live audio and video transmission at the Annual General Meeting. We are curious to see how many shareholders will make themselves known via the website set up specifically for this purpose and speak live at the General Meeting. We are ready.

It is becoming apparent that our e-voting platform will be used even more frequently this season than last year. The trend towards more electronic voting therefore remains unbroken.

We are doing everything in our power to provide shareholders with the best possible form of interaction this AGM season, despite the absence of physical attendance due to the pandemic.